Maxant Aluminum Products

(Formerly Mike's Aluminum)
Phone:  407-855-1989 Fax:  407-240-6632

Please send email/fax with your orders.

At this time all orders will be filled by Fedex or UPS.  There is no retail sales at the location in Moore Haven.
Our address is 213 Florida Ave NW, Moore Haven,FL 33471
Call either David or Stephen for further information. 


3 inch insert with flange 3 inch insert with 2 inch leg 3 inch insert with 2 inch leg 4 inch insert with flange 4 inch insert with flange 4 inch insert with 2 inch leg 4 inch insert with 2 inch leg


cp-2-in 2 inch internal clip cp-3-in 3 inch internal clip cp-112-w-cp 2 Capri Clip White cp-112-b-cp 1x1x2 Capri Clip Bronze cp-113-w-cp 1x1x3 Capri Clip
cp-113-b-cp 1x1x3 Capri Clip Bronze cp-w-cs Castle Clip white cp-b-cs Castle Clip bronze


br-114-ro 1-1/4 Roof Over Bracket br-5 5 inch bracket br-3b 3 band bracket br-3 3 inch bracket br-1-uc 1 inch U Channel bracket

Brackets Bronze

br-218-b-2h 2x2x1/8 2 hole br-218-b-3h 2x2x1/8 3 hole br-218-b-5 2x2x1/8 5 hole br-218-b-6h 2x2x1/8 6 hole br-218-b-6h-42 2x2x1/8 6 hole 4/2 br-218-b-6h-42v 2x2x1/6 6 hole vertical br-218-b-8h 2x2x1/8 8 hole

Brackets White

br-218-w-3h 2x2x1/8 3 hole br-218-w-4h 2x2x1/8 4 hole br-218-w-5 2x2x1/8 5 hole br-218-w-6h-42 2x2x1/8 6 hole 4/2 br-218-w-6h-42v 2x2x1/6 6 hole vertical br-218-w-8h 2x2x1/8 8 hole


cml-l Camel Large cm-l-pin Camel Large with Pin cml-xl Camel Extra Large cm-xl-pin Camel Extra Large with Pin pn-134 Pin 1-3/4


sc-1 1 inch slip collar sc-1-ts 1 inch slip collar with thumb screw sc-78 7/8 inch slip collar sc-78-ts 7/8 inch slip collar with thumb screw

Tie Downs 

td-l L-tie down slotted td-s S-tie down td-l-s S-tie down large td-w W-tie down trp Trailer Plate 3/4" or 1" Stud Available trp-wn Trailer Plate with Wing Nut


th-mf MF Threshold tm-w-kp KP Trim Molder vh Valance Holder of-sl Offset Sleeve

Misc 2

ah-w arm hold up cv-1 Cover Cone er-w-l Ears left and Right fw fender washer